The number you dialed XXX has not received a response from the service provider

Started by wflanagan, January 30, 2019, 07:09:16 AM

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Hi all,

So, Obi200 with 2 lines mapped to 2 Google Voice lines.  The message above has started happening VERY frequently.  I have to go reboot the Obi device, and then I can make a phone call.  It happens on both lines. Note that my computer rings, but my Obi doesn't as well on inbound calls.

To be clear, I'm on a Wired connection Ethernet prioritized, and a connection of 1GBPS symmetric on Verizon FIOS.  

Other discussions I've seen have been related to wireless or WiFi connections. This is not the case. No configuration changes have been made. .the system simply started misbehaving.

Also, having read some other threads, I realized I have the same issue as the one where I pickup the line and get static/white noise.  I noticed this before I noticed the problem with the not receiving a response from the service provider.

Firmware version 5898EX and DNS set to and

Any thoughts?



I can not receive or call out today....Both lines I have are not working on the Obi 202 the Phone 1 and 2 lights are out...............Now I just checked and they are both back on and the lines are working again.....Anyone know what is going on?? I had this same thing happed before both lines went down, I got the message when calling out  "The number you dialed has not received a response from the service provider"....  I get this occasionally    Power and internet lights were on and working fine. I powered down and tried that but nothing helped.....Like I said now all of a sudden both lines are lit and working again.
Strange.....what is happening?


I just posted a reply to another thread, Reply #30

Check it out, maybe it will help.


My service is setup so I do not want to set it up again. What would be the point of doing that.


you can check if it IS setup. Once it's set up, on the setup page, it should have all the info about your device etc., otherwise, you might need to do it again.

I had Obi setup couple of years ago, never had problem, until recently. So my guess is the system had somehow changed, so it affected the settings we did before. When I clicked the setup button, it asked me to do couple of things, including going to google voice page to confirm it. (Obviously I had done it before, otherwise I wouldn't have the whole thing working for couple of years ...)


I have done this, going completely through the setup again.  It has not helped. I continue to have to reboot my device daily, FYI.


@MemeL, I'm guessing that it re-initialized a connection to Google when you clicked through.. Not that your system changed anything.. as doing it did not change my situation and the problem continues.


I am having the same problem.  I rebooted the device several times.  I double checked that my Google account was setup properly in my OBI 200 device.  I cannot make nor receive calls.  Any troubleshooting tips are appreciated.



And to clarify, changing my DNS servers and subsequently rebooting did not fix the issue for me.


I went into the web admin on my OBi 202 device and it looks like I have the correct SIP server address:

Connect Failed: No Response (server=; retry in 63s)

I can ping this address and this address correlates to


My issue is resolved.  I ended up undoing what I did back in December in this post:

reply #53

In the mean time, I put in all the port forwarding ports in my router.  I didn't do that before but the device was working well.... the little bit of paranoia in me is a bit concerned about the quality of my router but that will be for another day.

I also updated my firmware to the latest 3.2.2 (Build: 5921EX).

I do like these OBi devices as it satisfies the frugal side of me.

And many thanks to all the people willing to post and discuss about the ongoing issues.