New FW 3.2.2 build 5921EX breaks Bluetooth???

Started by msnews, March 20, 2019, 06:48:13 PM

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I have BT dongle on my Obi200 and it works fine running firmware for 6 months. Today I changed Autoupdate firmware to enable and the system automatically updated to 3.2.2-5921EX. Now I have issue to dial if I set phone primary line to Bluetooth. No dial tone, and then the system reboots itself. I am unable to roll back the previous working version because it always says the firmware package has checksum error when I use Device Update to load the original firmware.

I wish they can push a fix very soon but meantime I need some help to roll back the firmware.

Any advice? Thanks


This bug was previously reported. Set the Primary Line to SP1 then make the following changes with OBi Expert.

Physical Interfaces -> Phone1 Port -> DigitMap
The last rule is (Mpli)
Change it to (Mbt)

Physical Interfaces -> Phone1 Port -> OutboundCallRoute
The last rule is {(Mpli):pli}
Change it to {(Mbt):bt}

The above will disable the Primary Line and force calls to BT.


Set the Primary Line to SP1 then use **8 prefix when dialing a number.


Polycom made firmware changes that cause the checksum error on older firmware. I don't know when the bug was introduced or what firmware versions will load. You can try the following firmware.


thank you, I can roll back to the firmware you recommended and all work fine.

I have another question, I want to have the following scenario to work:

1. If the first 3 number I dial is 011 which means I am dialing international call, I want OBI200 to use SP1 automatically.
2. all other calls will use BT1 automatically i.e. through my local cellphone.

How to configure it?