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Unable to transfer calls between Obi1062 phones

Started by jluros, March 26, 2019, 03:17:58 PM

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We have two Obi1062 phones on the latest firmware. Recently (I don't know when this started), when attempting to transfer a call, when the transfer is completed, the call is disconnected. The phones are set up to use Google Voice for two of the ports. I don't have any other service, so I don't know if it's service related.


I also am having this issue... although once in a great while it will work usually however the outside caller I am trying to transfer is disconnected once the transfer is completed.

=current settings=

- I have the max call settings on both phones set to 4 lines
- Both phones are using GoogleVoice as the line provider
- I have attempted to transfer both dialing the target's GV phone number as well as internal ObiLine extension

... Can anyone help solve this!


Me too.  Problem emerged in late march.  Was operational for months and months prior. help ObiTalk. You are our only hope. 


I am using Obi1022 phones and I am having the same problem and it cropped up at the same time as you have all reported.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as the transfer function is very important to me.


Same issues here. Use multiple phones in a small business setting. Connectivity is solid. Once transfer to phone is answered call is dropped. Sounds like this isn't an isolated incident. Any advice would be appreciated.


Same with me

I have 6 OBI1022 with 6 GV
1 per 1 each


same problem for me as well, worked for at least sometimes last year.


Same problems here.  Up until about 1-2 months ago, we were able to transfer between phones (we have two 1062's and one 1032).  Now once we press the "transfer now" button the call is disconnected.


Same problem here. I wrote to Obi about it numerous times and have not received a response.
This is a big problem. I'm about to transfer to another company because I can't have calls dropping like this.


Same problem.  Interestingly, I can transfer calls to my Obi202 phones but not to the 1062 or 2182.


Found a slight workaround today. It's not ideal but it helps. While on a call if you press the " * " button on your Obi phone all the other Obi phones in your linked devices will start to ring. If one of the Obi phones in your linked devices picks up "hopefully the extension you wanted" you will all be in a 3-way call. Then you can place your Obi phone on hold and the caller and the linked Obi phone that answered will be able to still communicate. The GV option 4 to recorded calls still worked as expected on my initial tests. If anyone has any better workarounds please let me know. I have factory reset 3 1032s to get the same issue. cheers


I am having the same problem of transfer only working momentarily before it disconnects and oftimes one audio connection not heard.  Using OBIhai 2182 phone and Obi202 adapter.


I had a feeling it was a Google Voice issue, but it used to work. Hopefully Obi can get it working again, because that's a really important feature.


Has there been any updates updates on this? These phones are useless if they can't transfer calls. I just bought a bunch of them and really don't want to return them after taking the time to set them all up.


To JoeIPT,

"Useless" if you are using Google Voice service for office or business operations.  Use non-Google Voice service and you'll be OK.  See my post about using other VoIP Services:


Same problem for me as well, worked for at least sometimes last year.

I have Google Voice but my transfer call problem is with other VOIP supplier too.

When Polycom will set this problem,?


Do test calls...and let us know.

Call to your VOIP supplier phone number from your cell phone or someone's smartphone,  

Answer call at your OBi phone, connected/talking.  

Hit Transfer at phone screen, dial the 2nd OBi's extension number and hit # (or dial **9 + other OBi 9 numbers).  

Someone else at the 2nd OBi unit answers that call from you.  

You hit Transfer Now and are you able to maintain connection?

Good luck!


Another work around that seems to be working for me atm, is you must do a hard transfer by dialing the full google voice number of the extension you are trying to transfer to (not the obitalk number nor any extension or number code has worked for me thus far ..only this)

Example- Call comes in and i answer on Phone 1, i then want to transfer to Phone 2, so i hit the transfer button and then dial phone 2's full google voice number (in my case (407) 984-****) and then hit transfer... Phone 2 will then start ringing (they must answer before you hang up Phone 1), but once they've picked up the line your free to hang up Phone 1 and the call will not drop!. I haven't tested this in a scenario where Phone 1 or 2, have people on hold or other calls coming in , but in a silent environment it works reliably.

*TIP - If you dont want to have to physically dial the destination phone's full google voice # everytime then simply save them into your Contacts that way u can simply scroll to there name and hit the 'call' button instead.


New firmware for the OB10x2 phones was released within the last week. Does it bring any improvement to the transfer problem?