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Automatic call recording...which provider? Small business

Started by jccpa, March 14, 2019, 11:35:01 AM

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Looking for solution for customer 2-3 lines, use existing phones (likely with OBI202 + Obi200 for fax), need Automatic call recording of all calls (with auto attendant announce, press 1 to continue, etc)

Prefer rolling recording, so certain amount of space, overwrites oldest unless saved, etc.

If an Obi system had Auto-recording and GV had outgoing CallerID, it would suffice, but...

Not a ton of calls.



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OBis have no inbuilt automatic call recording so you need to use either an ITSP's voicemail or your own answering machine. Note that ITSP voicemail and the OBi auto attendant are largely incompatible. I mean that if you want the ITSP VM to kick in you must not enable the AA. Similarly if you do have the AA answer a call then the ITSP VM has no possibility to kick in.


You cannot do this with the consumer version of Google Voice.  If this customer needs to record calls to comply with Federal regulations (e.g. in the Financial industry), then a Mickey Mouse solution won't be complaint.  You need to use a service provider that supports eDiscovery.

Google's new Google Voice for G Suite customers can do this in a compliant manner, and it includes other business-class features that the consumer-oriented offerings don't handle.