"Check Tel line" message on Obi200 - cannot make or receive calls

Started by RamuR, May 17, 2019, 09:28:10 AM

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System was working fine and this morning no calls could be received or made. Internet is working fine, with good connectivity.  The "Check Tel Line" message pops up on the phone handsets.  The ObiTalk site shows the device to be without any issues.  I unplugged the Obi200 power and re-started a couple of times, same issue . the two lights for each of the telephone lines on Obi200 keep flashing. I am using Line 1 only.  Any ideas?


That message is never generated by an OBi. Your phone is telling you that it isn't sensing any voltage on its cord from the OBi. Most likely causes:

1. The cord is not plugged in properly at one or both ends.

2. The phone is faulty.

3. The Obihai is faulty.

Check 1 and 2 by substitution or trying elsewhere on a known working phone line.

If still unresolved come back here for further advice and also inform us if the OBi's phone LEDs stop flashing if you repower it with nothing plugged in to its phone sockets.

You mention handsets (plural). Are these connected to the OBi via house phone wiring?



Disconnect all phones and use a simple corded phone to phone 1 port and see if there is dial tone.  Then disconnect that phone, connect to phone 2 port.  Any dial tone?

If no dial tone at either phone ports and if your OBi device still has valid warranty coverage, we suggest reaching to OBi support for replacement.