Could I use OBi to replace my grandmothers phone landline?

Started by yrubroh, June 04, 2019, 09:29:46 AM

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I'm in the UK and my grandmother lives alone, therefore racks up a hefty bill each month from phone calls on her landline.

Been trying to think of an alternative to make it cheaper... any use of skype etc. is out the window as it would be impossible for her to learn to use it.

If I bought one of these OBi products to turn her landline into VOip, would everything function as usual so she could carry on using her phone, and is there a subscription fee to pay at all?

Any help is appreciated as I've never had any experience with anything like this at all, cheers!


For UK users, go to this link:

Get the OBi302 device and connect with a simple corded phone.

Good luck!


The cheaper OBi200 is perfectly adequate for the OP's stated purpose.  However obtaining any OBi is no longer a simple matter as Obihai appear to have totally abandoned the UK and Europe.