Have you tried calling 222-222-222?

Started by OBi-Guru, September 28, 2010, 01:02:01 PM

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From your OBi110 phone, dial **9-222-222-222 will reach our echo server.

Give it a try - it is always FREE  :D.

this is useful to find out whether your OBi has proper connection to the internet cloud (with both voice in/out), as well to check out the overall functionality of the unit.


Dialing from your PC softphone - you may enter just the 9 digit OBi No.
from the PC, dialing **9 is optional.    Or you may just enter the speed-dial number.


It appears that whenever I try dialing **9 222-222-222 from an analog phone connected to my Obi110 I get the test announcement but my call gets dropped before the actual loopback test.  However, when I try dialing this number from the ObiON app on my Android phone over the same data link plus WiFi, I do get the loopback test.  Can anyone explain the problem here and what I might do to correct the apparent configuration problem?