Started by whale, June 26, 2019, 12:55:56 PM

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How do I send a fax using  OBiFAX.   there doesn't seem to be a guide?


OBiEXTRAs's Fax-to-Email you mean?

Exactly that, Faxing to email.  But you are trying to send out a fax with the OBiEXTRAs.  OBiEXTRAs does not have "send out" capability, only incoming fax.

if you have only 1 phone port (OBi200 device) and with Google Voice service, unplug phone, plug the fax machine line to the phone port and go for incoming/outgoing faxes with someone that also has a fax machine to receive and faxing out to you.

If you have OBi202 device, designate another Google Voice account, isolate to Phone 2 Port mainly for your fax machine line for all fax in and out.

Good luck!