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Not receiving incoming calls - no luck on prior forum posts

Started by 1234565215114, July 02, 2019, 07:30:01 PM

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I just hooked up my Obi200 and connected it to a landline phone. I can successfully make calls without any issues. But whenever I call (from various phones) it does not get the incoming call. No reaction at all.

Most forum posts prior to this year focused on enabling google chat, but that option has been entirely removed. I have double checked it is synced to the correct google account. And, as noted, outgoing calls work fine.

So far I have tried directly connecting to my modem and resetting both. Once again, outgoing calls fine - no incoming calls. Reading forum posts I do not see any options I can look into.

I am grateful for any help!


Sign into your Gmail email inbox.  Do a call from your smartphone or have someone call into your GV phone numbers.  Are you seeing incoming call in your Gmail inbox.

Also in your Google Voice account Settings page, for now delete your cell phone number if it's still there and go to "Screen Call" and disable.

Good luck!


When the phone should be ringing, can you pick it up and get a dial tone or be connected?

It probably is a Google voice setting but checking the telephone can't hurt.
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