PC Based Dialer for OBI + GV

Started by ctisteve, July 08, 2019, 07:17:43 AM

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Does someone make a PC based dialer for the OBi using GV?  I could cobble that together using an old modem on the OBI analog interface and a TAPI dialer program on my WIN 10 machine next to it, but that seems like a Rue Goldberg kludge. Theoretically, my PC can talk to the OBi since they are both on my home network. I would pay a modest amount for such a feature, but NOT a subscription charge. It must work with GV, NOT another provider. Thanks.


Google Voice has a browser based dialer included.  Is that not sufficient? What else do you need?


Quote from: ctisteve on July 08, 2019, 07:17:43 AM
Does someone make a PC based dialer for the OBi using GV?  I could cobble that together using an old modem on the OBI analog interface and a TAPI dialer program on my WIN 10 machine next to it, but that seems like a Rue Goldberg kludge. Theoretically, my PC can talk to the OBi since they are both on my home network. I would pay a modest amount for such a feature, but NOT a subscription charge. It must work with GV, NOT another provider. Thanks.

That is like building a rocket out of old soapbox derby parts.

Simply use Google Chrome Browser or Firefox, and go here to make and receive calls:  https://voice.google.com/calls


If you rather use a softphone on a PC, I'll show you how. Just ask. I use Phonerlite.



Thanks all. The Obi + GV are GREAT products.  I'm familiar with and have used the dial from PC screen in GV. I should have been clearer:

1 - I want to use my POTS phone NOT my PC mike and speaker for the calls.

2 - I have used the method where GV calls me and patches in while it completes the call, and am not fond of it.

3 - I just want a way for the obi to originate the call like first party CTI. It's on the same home network as my PC. Is there a product or API to control it directly to make a call?

4 - I agree that the modem dialer is a complete kludge. Come to think of it, if I used it on my POTS line, it would also capture Caller ID to help build a directory. I know GV does that too.

So the real question is #3.

Thanks all again.


That doesn't make much sense.  I can't even understand what you are trying to accomplish, nor why you think it is something you need.  There are so many other methods to call using Google Voice:

  • Using Firefox or Google Chrome Browsers, you can make an outbound call directly from the browser, using VoIP, along with whatever audio device you wish.  If you don't like the PC's speakers and mic, use a Bluetooth or DECT headset, or even a wired headset.
  • Using the browser, have Google Voice call a POTS number to bridge the call.
  • Use your OBi-attached phone.
  • Use the Android or iOS mobile apps.
  • Call your own Google Voice number from a linked forwarding number, enter your PIN and #, then 2, to make an outbound call.

Your modem kludge accomplishes nothing that these methods can't do.


I'm assuming you want to initiate a call on a PC then use the OBi attached phone for the call.

The below link uses the softphone Phonerlite on a PC to initiate a call on an OBi. The 1st paragraph describes how to use the setup, so I won't do it here. Phonerlite has a phone book and you can also copy and paste into it. It's also a kludge, but it's free. It uses the OBi Auto Attendant. The config doesn't include a dummy trunk definition needed to receive calls from Phonerlite. My 1st post is the config. The rest of the conversation is about keeping all of the AA's normal functions.



The OBi Auto Attendant has a callback feature. You call the OBi number, let it ring once and hang up. The AA uses your callerid to call you back. You answer the callback and will hear the AA prompt. You can enter 1 to ring the OBi phone or 2 for a new call.

Here's the kludge:

My mod has a dummy trunk defined on the OBi. The softhone calls the dummy trunk and is routed to the AA. You let it ring once and hang up. Instead of calling you back, the mods will ring the OBi phone.  You will hear the AA prompt when you pick up. You now dial 1. Instead of ringing the OBi phone, the mods will use the number dialed by the softphone to make an outbound call on SP1.


That phonerlite thing is a ridiculous science project. 

Google Voice uses the same Google Contacts service as Gmail, Calendar, etc.  You already have your contacts in one place, synchronized with all of your browsers and mobile devices.

Easier solution:

  • Get one of Callcentric's $1 per month inbound phone numbers (DIDs). These numbers include unlimited inbound calling.
  • Configure that DID as a SPx on your OBiTALK device (e.g. Google Voice on SP1 and CC DID on SP2).
  • Link that DID as a forwarding phone number on the Google Voice settings page.  Enable the setting "Always use my phone to place calls."
  • On the main Google Voice calls page (https://voice.google.com/calls), simply click "Make a call", then start typing the name of your contact, and it'll find that contact's number, which you can then click to call.  Or, directly type a phone number.  Google Voice will then call your OBi-attached phone via the CC DID SPx, and bridge your call to your desired number.

This solution will work on all of your computers, using a web browser, with no software needed.


Thanks all again.

1- I already use the method where I hit a number in Google Contacts on my PC, and GV rings back my separate analog phone and patches it through. That's OK but cumbersome and NOT what I want.

2 - I have an analog phone connected to the OBI. I want to pick up that analog phone, hit a number on my PC, and have the obi originate the call directly between that analog phone and the distant party using GV. I would be speaking on that analog phone.

I do not want a PC soft-phone, GV callback-patching (which I already use), or to use a subscription service other than GV.

I just want to know if there is a product that can control the Obi to do that without requiring me to patch a modem/dialer to its analog port to accomplish control.




I have a Conexant CX93010 based Fax Modem PC dongle that I bought new a while back on ebay for around $10 delivered.

I just unboxed it, loaded the Win 7 drivers on my Win 10 machine, plugged it into the RJ11 on the Obi200 and it dialed out perfectly.

I still need to find a dialer program and test ICLID, but I'm on the right track. Its a kludge but it's available and works. 


I already explained precisely how to accomplish what you want.  There is no hardware product that can control an OBi.  How difficult could it possibly be to click the number you want to call, and then the software does the rest?



Steve et all:

Thanks - your solution requires a paid subscription to another service, which I wanted to avoid.

I have two simple solutions now that I have tested:

1 - The free native windows dialer will dial my (less than $10) conexant modem to make outgoing calls on the Obi analog port. I then just pick up the analog phone on that same port to talk. Most of my needs are for outgoing calling.

2 - I found a product called CallClerk to do the same thing outgoing, PLUS on incoming, it will display the Caller ID on screen.

Those solutions require zero changes to my free GV service or any extra monthly subscription costs through another service provider.

It's too bad that Obi does not make a CTI computer interface available for its device, other than the RJ11 jack. I think they are missing a market there. I don't know if the other Voip devices (like Ooma) do that, but I would have gladly paid extra for that kind of an interface and a call manager to go with it.   



There is no market for this.  The future of analog telephony is dead, so there is no money to be made selling RJ-11 interface devices.

The current and future markets are focused on IP telephony.


Neither of my 2 phone lines uses analog telephony. Both are VoIP or equivalent.     

I did want to control the Obi digitally. That makes the most sense to me, but in the apparent absence of that feature, the RJ11 does all that I need.

I now have call from directory, Caller ID and incoming/outgoing call log, and all the features I wanted. I should also be able to import my other directory to CallClerk.

I still think that Obi would have a market for a digital control interface and call-manager for its device, at least for the home office and small business market.   




What you spoke of in your post is exactly what I am trying to do. I am only interested in outgoing calls. My work phone is only for placing orders to different venders and I would like to have some type of address book on one of my monitors where I can just click dial and pick up my desktop phone or click on the "Speaker Phone" button.

Could you please help me set it up?

My computer is a dell laptop plugged into a docking station with 3 monitors. I am guessing I need the conexant modem for a laptop with usb?

Thanks for any help