Anveo 911 -- Register Failed: No Response From Server

Started by Hossy, August 19, 2019, 06:45:39 AM

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I've had Anveo 911 service for a little over a year with my OBi202.  I logged in recently to my OBiTALK account and noticed that the 911 service read "Register Failed: No Response From Server".  Anveo claims everything is working on their side.  I've tried reprovisioning the service from the OBiTALK side, but nothing fixes it.  I've verified the username and password are correct and that all the advanced settings are set to default.  Any ideas on what to check next?

EDIT: I'm running 3.2.2 (Build: 5921EX) on hardware v1.4.


Update... If I change the Anveo registration from SP4 to SP3, it works fine.  So, I figured there was some screwed up configuration somewhere, maybe something I did, maybe not.  So, I logged into the device UI and reset the configuration.  Deleted the device from OBiTALK's site and re-added it.

Nope, still can't add Anveo on SP4.  But it works on SP3.

I've had Anveo running on SP4 for quite some time and now all of a sudden it stopped working.


Found the problem: X_UserAgentPort for SP4 uses 5083 by OBiTALK default.  However, apparently someone @ OBiTALK or Anveo messed up the firewall config and they broke 5083 as the source port.  If you set it to 5082, it works just fine.

This is definitely something that needs to get fixed.

OBiTALK, care to chime in here?

EDIT: I tested 5080 and 5081 and they both work as well.  And, for those that might have a conflict using those with your existing voice services, I also test 5079 and it works too.  I'm thinking 5079 is probably a safer workaround setting so it doesn't conflict with other SP configs.


To be clear, 5083 is the default setting and it was working for quite some time (since I opened my account). My connection to Anveo broke some time on or after August 2, 2019. The last time I successfully connected before this problem was August 2, 2019. I rebooted the device on August 12, 2019 in the morning and it was never able to reconnect until today when I changed the default X_UserAgentPort setting for SP4 from 5083 to 5079.


Got to like a guy who asks for help and finds it ................... from himself! ;D