Reaching humans at Obi Tech Support?

Started by jluros, August 27, 2019, 02:08:22 PM

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Does anyone know how to actually get tech support from Obi?

I've had an open tech support ticket since March 28 about not being able to transfer calls between two Obi1062 phones. In the most recent response to my ticket, Obi confirmed this was an issue and that they'd "get back to me." That was in late March. I have tried to reach out several times over several months by email and by leaving messages on the tech support line (the only option is to leave a message), and although I have "Premium" support on both Obi1062 phones, no one will get back to me. I've tried leaving a message on the tech support line and sending emails, but no one ever responds.

Does anyone know how to reach a human being at Obi/Polycom/Plantronics (or whatever they're calling themselves now)?