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Setup with a new replacement device

Started by jtwa, October 14, 2019, 12:41:26 PM

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Hi, everyone.
I don't know if anyone has this experience, but I had an Obi110 that became obsolete because software updates could not be performed.  So, I bought an Obi200. Now I'm trying to set this one up, with a different email for Google Voice.  I'm being prompted to do a factory reset, as though the system recognizes the old setup. In performing the reset, I stick a paperclip in the reset hole at the bottom of the unit and wait until the power light flashes slowly, then release the pin.  However, I never see the power light change to red, indicating the unit is resetting.

Any advice out there?  Thanks.


What, exactly, is prompting you to perform a factory default restore?  That is not part of the plain vanilla initial setup.

Plug a standard telephone into the OBi device and let the device completely power up.  Pick up the phone.  You should hear a dial tone.  Press ***8, then 1, to perform the restore.  The red LED should briefly flash, before it turns flashing green.