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New Obi 200 Will Not Authenticate With Google Voice

Started by graybeard47, October 16, 2019, 01:21:43 PM

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Finally have had response from Obi Tech Support but convinced that the person that read my initial support request is not the same person that is reading my responses and/or reads what is still going on. It appears that a "standard" pasted response is the norm. 

>>The following has been their responses to my replies:

Click on SP1, follow steps to authenticate to your Google Voice account

When SP1 becomes status "Connected" then make test calls out/inbound to ensure the calls are successful.

>>My response to the above:

Checked all connections as stated, restarting router and Obi box and nothing. The green "phone" light on the Obi box is now completely out which was before a steady green.

Signed onto my ObiTalk account and went through the available steps that appeared under "Configure Voice Service" titled SP1: Google Voice-OBI200. The 2 different avenues presented would not allow me to complete.

Going thru all the Obi Expert Configuration Menu, I found RED ! (Exclamation) at the end of the following boxes:

1. Obitalk Service Settings

>Inbound Call Route

2.Pysical Interface

>Phone Port 1

>>Port Settings

>>>Channels TX,RX Gain





>Codec Profile A

>>Codec Setting

I need a fresh approach.


Your previous posts mentioned that you hear no dial tone.  If that is the case, after trying a different telephone and telephone cord, NOT plugged into your premises phone wiring, then the unit is defective, and you should return it for a replacement.

The red exclamation mark next to a parameter simply means that it was changed from the factory default.  This is normal and expected, since OBiTALK is configuring the SP for Google Voice.


So my old Obi200 that started my posting and lead me to order a NEW Obi200 that came from Polycom is too, defective.  And if a 3rd gives the same outcome?????????


Have you, or have you not, tried a completely different telephone?

Did you, at any time, connect the OBiTALK device's telephone jack to your home's wiring?


Connected to SP2, used Chrome Browser to authenticate at the request of Obi Support, rebooted modem, Obi box and desktop phone system and all is working.

Thank you everyone that gave their input