GV PhonePower Forwarding problem and no ring

Started by Gujarish1, November 05, 2019, 02:13:43 AM

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Hello everyone,,
strange happenings today after signing up the the PhonePower offer.

Initially everything was great just walking through the provided setup. Then, things started getting strange...

Sometimes calls forward to GV, sometimes to PhonePower. Always to voicemail on either service and phone stopped ringing.

GV currently setup with *one* forward to PhonePower number. No Google Chat. Call GV number and GV voicemail picks it up (no forward). Call PhonePower number and PhonePower voicemail picks it up. Phone hooked to OBi 100 never rings.

Outgoing from OBi 100 connected phone works *but* with no outgoing caller ID.

This is nutz. Was working fine this AM. Thanks for any guidance!


Is this for real?

Google Chat was axed ages ago. And OBi100s have not worked with Google Voice for a year or two.