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Can't register OneSuite -

Started by wombat, January 16, 2019, 03:54:42 PM

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I've signed up for OneSuite since it's an approved service provider. After signing up, I navigated to my device, SP1 port, clicked to configure the service provider and restore a service provider account. Then I'm taken to Onesuite to login, and after logging in I get the error message:

"OBiTalk error: Cannot obtain device information (4)"

I called Onesuite and they said I need to call Obi, that Obi was refusing the connection. I can't seem to find any phone number for Obi support. Does anybody know what my best next step is to resolve this?



Hi! experienced the same problem. How did you resolve the concern?My dashboard is showing that I successfully registered my Suite advantage number. But on my onesuite account it showing OBiTalk error: Cannot obtain device information (4).

Please let me know how you make it work.

hanks in advance.:)


I have the same problem.   Have you found a solution?


I HAD the same problem last night [OneSuite account page showing "OBiTalk error: Cannot obtain device information (4)"].

Somehow I got PAST that, but am now stuck back on the OBi Dashboard with:

Register Failed: 408 Request Timeout

beside my SP1 configuration.