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Send all calls to asterisk

Started by ac50266, January 12, 2020, 02:23:56 PM

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I have done a fair bit of searching on here, and can't find something that fits my needs.

This is my setup:

Freepbx and Asterisk with trunk to - that's working great.  Not using Google Voice. No POTS service at my home.

Extensions 1001 (Cisco 7960), 1002 (Cisco 7940), 1003 (Obi 200), and 1004 (SIP client on iPhone) - and possibly more later.

The line port on the Obi is connected to my the internal wiring of my home. When someone picks up a handset in the house, the dialtone they get comes from the Obi.  There are also two IP phones in the house, but those are working fine and not part of this question.

What I would like to do:

1. be able to dial extensions from the house phones to the IP phones and vice-versa.  I realize the house phone is all on Ext 1003 so those stations won't be individually call-able.

2. Have all calls routed and processed thru Asterisk.  911 or local numbers.  I don't see the need to maintain two dialing plans or digit maps - one in Obi, one in Asterisk.

Is this possible? Can you help me setup Obi to do this?


Get the terminology right.  You are connecting the phones to the PHONE port of an OBi200.

Register the OBi200 to FreePBX just as you do for the Ciscos and iPhone. Service Providers/ITSP Profile A/Proxy Server is IP address of FreePBX. Voice Services/SP1 Service/SIP Credentials AuthUsername 1003 and AuthPassword to match those in FreePBX.

All the other default settings of the OBi200 should just work. If you want to hone the Digit Maps and OutboundCallRoute consult the tutorial ( and the Admin Guide ( page 191 onwards).