Obi202 Echo Sound

Started by 4457Obi7789, January 27, 2020, 09:29:13 AM

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I purchased a new Obi202 from Amazon a few weeks ago.  The unit works, as in I can send an receive calls.  I'm using it with Google Voice.  The problem that I'm having is that there is a horrible echo when using the phone on both ends.  It doesn't matter if the call is placed from the phone attached to the Obi202 or the Obi202 is receiving the call, you still hear the echo.  I looked online and tried a variety of remedies such as: swapping out the cat5 cords for cat6 cords, separating all of the equipment, a cordless phone was attached to the unit originally so I bought a basic corded phone (still had same issue), we recently switched from an internet service provider where our internet speed was around 200 mbps to another provider (fiber-optic line) where we are close to 1000 mbps.  Despite all these changes and even changing internet service providers, the problem still persists.  Has anyone experienced this same issue?  Is there a resolution for this problem?  Any help you can provide is appreciated.


In Physical Interfaces, Phone port. Adjust ChannelTxGain and/or ChannelRxGain lower.