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Obi200 Blinking phone in use, probably need new unit

Started by CptKirk1701, January 17, 2022, 01:31:10 PM

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Even with the phone cord unplugged from the Obi200 the phone in use light is flashing.  Cannot make or receive any phone calls.  The Obi200 is connected to the house phone wiring and I have been using it with no problems for years.  This just started a week ago.

I did create a support ticket.

If I need to buy a new unit is it fairly straight forward in regards to switching my settings from my old unit to the new unit?

(Sorry for the duplicates, someone can delete them.  When I tried to submit the post I received an error message.  I did not know that the post actually went through, so I tried to submit again).


Delete the extra posts yourself. Open each one and click the "Remove" button.

You just set up the replacement OBi from scratch.

Using house wiring between OBi and phone(s) is risky unless that wiring is properly isolated from all external wiring.