Obi300 Blinking Power Light

Started by greenman, January 19, 2022, 05:45:01 PM

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I have seen that a blinking power light means that the device is looking for a DHCP IP address, but I have gotten the IP address and logged into the GUI webpage.  I can also pass the echo test.  I cannot register the device to ObiTalk and do not have options on the GUI to edit SIP profiles.  There appears to be a problem that I cannot find a solution for online or on this forum.


Blinking green on and off or flashing between red and green?  The latter indicates a firmware problem.

What is the history of this device?  Has it worked previously or is this a new (to you) unit?  Most OBi3xx devices have been sold not to end users but to Internet Telephony Providers who often "lock" them with customised settings.  If that is the case with your Obi300 you may find it difficult or impossible to make use of it.

And please open your two other post about this and use the "Remove" button to delete them.  It is a PITA for potential helpers and doesn't do you any good either to have multiple fragmented discussions about the same problem.


Hello drgeoff,

The flashing light is only green, there is not red.  In fact, to try and remedy the problem I have updated the firmware to the latest build but it did not resolve the current issue.

The history of the device is that it is brand new from a suppler called Hummingbird Networks.  I understand that a lot of VoIP providers use the Obi3xx series and may lock the boxes.  I am trying this porduct because the Obi2xx is no longer readily available.  How can one determine if the box is "locked," are there settings on the GUI that I should look at to determine if it is locked?

With my other posts, I only posted on those threads because there was no resolution and others may find them helpful.  How about I link this thread so that people can follow the troubleshooting here?

Thank you for your quick response by the way.


I have got help from the support phone number.  They told me that my box was configured for Service Providers, so they changed the configuration so I got all the features unlocked.  Everything seems to be working now.