Xfinity -> TMobile -> GV

Started by WrldTrvlr, February 05, 2020, 04:41:19 PM

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As I understand, my Xfinity # needs to first ported to TMobile then to GV.
I already have a brand new TMobile sim card.
What is the cheapest prepaid plan I can use on TMobile?
Some older post mention $10.
I currently can only find  Simply Prepaid plan on TMobile website for $40
Is there a cheaper way?



T-Mobile divested (sold off) their prepaid business as part of preparations for the Sprint merger.  They, and the other three major carriers, are getting out of the cheapo prepaid business.

There is no need to use T-Mobile.  You can use a MVNO that offers a cheap per-minute monthly plan.  Remember:  you are essentially wasting the service provider's time and money by porting in, then out; therefore, many service providers have restrictions, such as requiring that you maintain service for a month first.  You'll have to do some research on this.


Thanks Steven!

The google web site recommends only using one the Big 4 carriers to port. Has anyone recently used any budget carriers to port?


I am "Bluescat" over on the Google Voice help forum.  It sounds like you are reading one of my older "canned answers" describing the process.  I wrote that back when the "big four" still offered very cheap prepaid options; as of now, they don't.  Thanks for pointing that out.  I should also point out that the instructions on the OBiTALK website are very old, and have not been updated in years.

To be unambiguous:  the Google Voice help forum is volunteer (like me) run.  The posts there are not official statements from Google employees.  Google does not recommend nor condone doing this carrier-to-carrier process, but they don't police whether or not people do it, at their own cost and own risk.  Their official procedure only supports ports in from mobile carriers.


Great info. I will give Ting a try


I too found out the $10 plan is bubkus.  It looks like there is no way to port a landline into GV.
My fallback is going to which is $3/mo for a Voip line which they say they can port a landline.

We will see.  Any other ideas are appreaciated.


Red Pocket might be another MVNO to check with. I have Red Pocket $10 monthly on my cell, and when I look the number up with Google Voice, it says it can be ported, but I haven't tried it.


So, I ended up using Ting. It cost me $6 for shipped SIM. They use a Sprint network. Transfer from Xfinity to Ting took 3 working days. I then waited another 72 hours and ported to Google. This port took another 24 hours.