Obi1062 and a Plantronics 745-M that have worked wonderful together

Started by DoubleTalk, February 19, 2020, 04:36:58 AM

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I have an Obi1062 and a Plantronics 745-M that have worked wonderful together, after upgrading to 5-1-11 4983 the bluetooth connection from Plantronics to Obi 1062 doesn't work.  It connects but no audio either way, I had to downgrade to 5-1-11 4858EX.  Both products are Poly now, could you look into fixing the issues with your two products so they work together, I cannot believe I am the only customer with a 745-M and a 1062.  The issue is 100% reproducible, factory reset both devices, still the bluetooth doesn't have any audio or control, it connects but nothing else.


1. Please do not post the same content more than once.

2.  This is primarily a user to user forum.  Your request here has very little chance of even being noticed by Obihai/Polycom staff never mind being actionned.  Suggest you open a support ticket.


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