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Setting up OBi202 from India Location for first time

Started by Raulya, December 24, 2020, 06:01:30 AM

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I have new Obi202 device which was never configured. I am trying to set it up for first time from India.
Step 1: Connect Ethernet Cable - LED GREEN / Telephone Cable - LED OFF when idle, turns GREEN when receiver lifted/ Power Adpater - LED GREEN
Step 2: Dialed ObiTALK Test No. Successfully, received echo
Step 3: Completed setting up OBiTalk Account on, registered myself
Step 4: Unable to add device. I am dialing **5 XXXX from Phone and this number gets sent to OBi Server but still my device does not get added in my account.

Can anyone let me know if this is possible to be done from outside USA ? Specially from India ?



There is known issue where adding devices to ObiTalk works "intermittently". Poly is aware of the issue, but has not given an ETA (although it has been going on for some time).

Since the feature sometimes works, the best advice thus far is Keep Trying

Some other user advice (though unconfirmed) has been to uncheck "Add Google Voice" before starting the process and to do it in "off hours" - Per Poly, It's the same site and servers used world wide, so not sure how that last one works.

In Early January it took several attempts for me to get my 212 connected, but got it working afeter continually trying for about a half hour at 1:30am in the US. More recently,  I have ben trying to add a 202 over the last few days to no avail.

The steps you are following are correct - it is the "intermittent" issue that is most likely keeping your device from registering.

Good luck.


sorry, I still don't understand your post. what is your problem?