NEXTIVA on OBi2182

Started by OTAKUTRAVEL, May 01, 2022, 10:39:08 PM

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Hi, I just purchased a OBi2182 from Amazon to use on Nextiva. I followed the instructions under the 'Business' line. I added the phone as a "Polycom UC VVX400" Per the instructions. I double checked the Mac Address.

I am constantly getting a error.

" The specifed configuration can not be imported."

I dont know what to do. Is there another model I should select?  ???

Thank you

6.2.3 (Build: 5330.1331) I updated it.. I thought that would fix the problem.. It didnt..


It doesn't appear that Nextiva have auto provisioning for OBi devices.  I don't have a Nextiva account so cannot get into their detailed pages but it looks like they have a route where you select generic SIP device.  I expect that will give you the correct parameters such as SIP server URL(s), SIP username and SIP password to put into your 2182 using your dashboard at For that stage click the blue cogwheel on the line for your 2182. Then click the blue cogwheel on the line for the SP you want to use. In the "Obitalk compatible service providers" box click Next then accept the emergency calls warning. Click "Generic Service Provider" at the bottom of the list and complete the form using the info from Nextiva. Then click Save.

If that does not work, in the absence of help from anyone else who does use an OBi with Nextiva, I suggest you seek support from Nextiva.