OBI2182 - Google Voice calls disconnecting after 15 minutes

Started by SteveD123, April 07, 2020, 03:43:56 PM

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Hi, I've been taking a lot of conference calls lately with my OBI2182 with Google voice configured. Recently I noticed that the audio will drop after roughly 15 minutes, however, the phone seems to think the call is still in progress (call time keeps increasing). No one can hear me and I can't hear anyone else. The only solution is to hang up and dial back in. Has anyone else experienced this? This works fine on my Cell phone as well as smart displays.


Did yiou just get the phone or a new router? Either way, if it's a new setup your problem could be due to a setting in your router. I don't know if it applies to Google Voice or not but there is a standard 15 minute timer that applies in some cases. The far end sends an INVITE or possibly an OPTIONS to your system after 15 minutes and if your equipment doesn't respond they disconnect the call from their end. I experienced this myself. My router was not passing the INVITE. You may need to get someone to look at router settings.

*EDIT* There are a bunch of posts from other Google Voice users who have been seeing this. So the problem may not be with your system at all.


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