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Initiate a phone call on GV web page for callback

Started by mo832, May 13, 2021, 10:55:43 AM

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How does one place an outgoing call from the new GV web interface which will ring back to a chosen GV phone number and then place the outgoing call upon pickup?

This was straightforward on the legacy GV site, but now on the new GV interface, the phone icon wants to set up a microphone to place the call on the computer, not callback to a GV linked phone number.

Is this still available? If so, how?


Quote from: mo832 on May 13, 2021, 10:55:43 AM

Is this still available? If so, how?

Settings-->Calls-->Always use my phone to place calls


I wish GV would eliminate the "Always use my phone to place calls" And change it to "Always use the web" then have a "Web Call" option on the phone number to connect with drop down.  I use an even mix of phone modem and straight web calls.  I think it was like that before when it was called "Google Chat".


It's not always a "phone modem". It can be a conventional phone, whether landline or cell phone. When GV began, it was simply a phone management app where you could use one central public phone number but link it to any physical telephone and keep all the individual phone numbers private.