Auto Attendant on your OBi110

Started by OBi-Guru, September 28, 2010, 01:32:40 PM

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Once you reach the OBi Auto Attendant (AA), you can press 1 to "continue this call", i.e. to ring the OBi phone (FXS).

Or press 2 to "make a new call", i.e. dial a new number, let's say 1-800-xxx-xxxx (US number) or 011-44-xxxx .. (int'l call to UK).   Make sure to press the # key at the end of the dialing.

You can always "barge-in" your dialing of 1 or 2, the AA menu will comply accordingly.

For an expert user, this AA can be added to your "Inbound CallRoute" parameter, e.g. {aa, ph}

For ease of use, go signup at ObiTALK page, so you can manage your own device easily, especially to invoke the AA and other things.


Is there a way to bypass the AA? (instead of typing someone's number, pressing 2, then dialing the real number)

Say I want to reach the UK using the cheapest possible route in the trust circle, is there a shortcut for this?


Yes, you can speed-dial from AutoAttendant.  Do make sure that speed-dial is defined accordingly in the OBi device that does the attendant.

However, least cost routing among the many OBi is not possible from ObiTALK (yet).   But if you're an expert user, and you belong to many circles of trusts, say - one of your circles is actually in the UK - then put the outbound routing rules of "country code 44" to the UK OBi - so the call will be local.

The routing rules inside the OBi are one of the most powerful --- it is like a traffic cop that routes your call to the appropriate destination.


i setup a obi device with GV as primary for outgoing US/Canada calls. then i add all my overseas friends' obitalk (which they've configured with their own obi device and connecting their own cordless phone) account in my CoT. now they freely pickup their cordless phone, dial my obi number and make a 2 stage USA/Canada call.

now when they want to call me instead, how can they make the phone connected to my obi ring instead of selecting 1 to continue the call. to sum it up, what do they need to do to make a 1 stage call to my obi number (direct call by passing the AA) yet keep the option to make 2 stage calls to other USA/Canada numbers?


with their Obi numbers in your COT their calls will go directly to the AA every time.


When a "trusted caller" selects '1' to continue the call from the auto attendant, why won't the Google Voice mail pick up if nobody answers the phone?  This happens on all phones specified in circle of trust using the AA, phone will ring 10 times and stop.  All other calls will go to gvoice mail after 4 rings.

Synchron  8)


As far as google knows the call has been answered by the AA.  By using the AA, you bypass VM functionality of Google/ITSP.


You can put an answering machine on the Obi for these calls. Google voice will pick up regular calls after 4 rings so you can set it for 6 rings to catch the AA calls.

Or, if you want all your voicemail at your google voice and you are only using sp1, you can do this.

Set up a second service on sp2 (2nd google voice ok), or use your line if you have one connected.
Set your obi to forward on no answer (using sp2), to your main google voice number.
Create a contact in your main google voice with the number of the second google voice.
Set your google voice to send the contact straight to voicemail.

What will happen is when the call comes through the AA if it is not answered in the set number of rings it will be forwarded to your main google voice. It is forwarded using the second google voice account so the incoming caller id will be for that number, and your google voice will direct it straight to voicemail through the settings for the contact you created.

* You need the second provider because you can't just forward the calls to your google voice on the same line, it will show as coming from your main number and be directed to the google voice attendant.