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Why my OBI200 outgoing/incoming calls throw " The number you dialed, has not ..?

Started by RIMDO, June 12, 2021, 03:31:41 PM

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Why my OBI200 outgoing/incoming calls throw " The number you dialed, has not received a response from the service provider"?

Thanks for responding to my threads.

I am finding weird issues on my OBI200. I am not able to make/receive calls.

I started getting

"The number you dialed, has not received a response from the service provider?" for outgoing calls.

I did follow the trouble shooting steps.

The echo test passed.

I did the re-configuration of OBI.It throws

Quote" SP1 Google Voice Connecting to;Token Error "

From google search, I see a thread

QuoteThis is just a heads-up that many OBiTALK device users who have been using their Google Voice numbers on the devices are currently experiencing outbound call completion failures, and, when looking at their OBiTALK dashboards, will see a status of "Token error".

This a known problem that is now being actively worked by Google Voice and Poly staff. There is no action you can take at this time to resolve it. I don't have an estimated time to resolve, but I am confident it will be fixed (no, Google is not killing OBiTALK devices).

We did not get any official alert/email about this situation. ???

What is going on?  ;D

Thanks for your wisdom.


Ram Iyer



I have the same problem today.  We had the problem Friday night then this morning it was working.  Friday night OBI did have a system down warning up but not today.  If it is down for all users they really should put a notice up when we login.  Thanks to this forum for information on the system being down between Obi and Google.


Thanks for weighing in and sharing another thread.

I did search this forum yesterday for my subject header. I did not receive any hits. That was the reason, I opened this thread.

I am disappointed about Polycom, who left their users/customers in DARK to run around to find a resolution.

We are not clear, what is the one place to go for reporting/finding the status of issues as OBITalk user. It should not be this way.

I am in MD. Last two days the green light (with phone sign) in my Poly box was OFF, that caused to do many things. I did find the green light (with phone sign) come back around 10 AM EST today. My OBITALK dash board shows SP1 as connected. I am able to make outgoing and receive incoming call so far.

Is this outage completely resolved for all region?

Thanks for google/OBItalk team to work hard and make OBITalk users miseries goes away :)

I did face the
Quote"The number you dialed has not received a response from the service provider" ERROR message ,
when I make outgoing calls, before this outage issue happen.

Where can I raise these issues?

Let us know a common place to go first, to know any outage/issues before mess around with our devises/settings.

What is the best place to raise issues?

Thanks for your guidance.