No incoming audio (OBI2162)

Started by jms01, May 14, 2020, 01:40:55 PM

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my phone frequently has an issue with placing a call and not being able to hear the other party when they answer.  The other party can hear me, but I get absolute silence.  Sometimes, this starts immediately when the call is answered, and other times, it starts after about 20-30 seconds of conversation.  The phone is running the latest software version.

The problem occurs on a Google Voice line, which I've verified as being properly configured, and the phone is connected via Ethernet, not WiFi. 

Any troubleshooting/diagnostic suggestions would be appreciated.


I am having a similar issue with two of my OBI1062's:

I have GV and Callcentric set up on the phones.  One phone is connected via ethernet; the other via WiFi

Everything seems to be connected up to one another.  I can place calls and receive calls as one might expect.  **9 222 222 222 rings and seems to connect.   Callers can hear me, but I cannot hear them.  The problem exists on both incoming and outgoing calls, and on GV, Callcentric, and ObiTalk lines. When I pick up the handset, I can hear myself if I blow into the mic, but I do not hear my own speech (I assume due to echo cancellation logic?)

I have a third OBI1062, configured similarly, at my father's apartment, on a completely different network.  As near as I can tell (it's 1200 miles away, inaccessible due to the lockdown at his independent living facility), it is functioning as expected.

I have an OBI200 on the same network as the two problem 1062's.   It functions as expected.

The relevant bits of the network here are a recent Motorola cable modem, a Ubiquiti Dream Machine, and a Ubiquiti 8-port POE switch.  This network configuration is newer than the phones, but I don't have a clear link in my memory with whether the network upgrade or various firmware updates (Ubiquiti gear or the 1062's) are correlated.

Given the evidence, I think the most likely culprits are: 
  • network configuration/Ubiquiti vs phone issue; or
  • configuration of the 1062's; or
  • hardware issue with the 1062's
...but I'm at a loss of where to go from there.

Maybe some kind soul could offer a clue or some words of wisdom?


That problem is almost certain to be caused by your Dream Machine configuration.  That device is not a simple residential router, and it has an integrated security gateway, which may have a setting that is interfering with VoIP.

I have a new AmpliFi Alien mesh router system, and it works fine with OBiTALK devices, but yours is a more complex, business-class product.  I'd suggest contacting them for help.


For posterity's sake / for anyone in the future who has a similar problem, a little more poking around has revealed the following:

  • My network is set up with three VLANs - one for computers/smartphones/NAS ("secure"), one for gadgets, and one for guests.
  • Firewall rules are in place to protect the "secure" network from "gadgets", and to prevent "guests" from seeing anything other than the outside
  • If I move the 1062's from the "gadgets" VLAN to the "secure" VLAN, the problem seems to go away

I haven't played with the firewall rules since I originally set up the VLANs.  But there have been two firmware updates pushed since then.

I'm left suspecting that "something" changed either with the behavior of the VLANs or the processing of the firewall rules.

So...I seem to have a temporary workaround (moving the phones to the secure VLAN), and I'll investigate the UBNT community forums for further clues.


Mike, did you get this figured out. I'm having the same problem. However, I don't have a UDM. I have a USG. In my case, I don't recall making any changes except I recently configured it to use a dual WAN (that was at least 3-4 months ago and I'm not sure that coincided with my obi1062 problems). Also, my Obi device is on the main network and not a VLAN.


I have the same problem, that just started maybe three days ago.  I use a Obi1062 connected via ethernet to a gigabit port on a Netgear Orbi RBR840 router.  I have three Google Voice lines and Callcentric.  For work, I have a Grasshopper toll-free number that goes through Callcentric to the Obi1062.  If someone calls one of my Google Voice numbers directly, everything works fine.  However, when the too free number rings to the 1062, I can answer and hear who is calling, but within 10-15 seconds of answering the call, I cannot hear the caller, although the caller can hear me.  if I don't answer on the Obi1062, the call rolls over to my cell phone.  If I answer on my cell phone, I can hear the caller just fine.  This is driving me nuts, because it is not the toll-free number ( it works fine on my cell phone), its not likely the Obi1062, because all other calls work just fine on it.  I don't see how it can be the Callcentric number, because all that does is transfer the toll-free call to my GV line, and I can hear the call options (press 1 to accept the call, etc).  Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi(s) . . . you're my only hope!