Started by BrianA, May 28, 2020, 03:33:12 PM

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Hi There
I have a few more Issues happening on my OBI200.
Its been happening occasionally , but is really bad since I updated my Shaw Cable Router/Modem to the New blue Curve Model.
1. The phone isnt ringing at all on incoming calls, I just get the VM after the call, I have been doing a power restart on my box and it works normally for awhile , then back to not ringing.
2. I get the dropped calls about 15 mins into the phone call ( either incoming or outgoing it doesnt matter)
3. The unit isnt working at all , I check the box and the telephone Green led isnt On , i then do a power restart.

Any ideas of how to correct some or All of these issues, I am open to all suggestions.
Your Sincerely
Brian A  ???