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Anveo E911 setup

Started by eddified, December 05, 2017, 07:57:24 AM

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I have the Obi200. I have set it up with my Google Voice phone number for free service. Now, I want to sign up for Anveo E911. I didn't want to go through the "new account creation flow" (the one at ) because I already had an Anveo account. I went into my existing FREE Anveo account and added E911. Here's where I'm at right now:

  • SP2 says "Anveo E911 Service" with status "Initiated, pending update"
  • I added my home address to Anveo E911 (I paid for one month of service, it's setup for "month-to-month").
  • In Anveo, I clicked "OK" to the terms of service for SIP registration. So now I have a SIP username and password.

That's all I've done. Obi does not yet know about my Anveo account, and my Anveo account does not know about my Obi account. How do I hook them up? When I click on the "gear" icon in Obi, it goes to the Anveo promotion screen, where it tries to create a new Anveo account. How do I hook it up properly with my existing Anveo account?


When I transferred my Anveo E911 from my OBI100 to OBI200 I just clicked on the Anveo button and it automatically transferred my already established account.  I did test the 911 service (using 933) and everything was OK


This may be a bit dated as this is an old thread. But I had the same issue. So I clicked the check box for "Restore Service" and it will run you through the prompts, asking you for your Anveo credentials you wish to use. Hope this helps someone!