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Obi 202 - Stops working, power light dark, other lights green

Started by Taser_This, June 26, 2020, 10:42:01 AM

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I have an Obi 202.  It regularly stops providing dial tone while being provisioned to Google Voice on both ports.  If I reset the unit, service resumes.  

When the unit stops working, and I check it, the power light is dark.  However the two line 1 & 2 leds are green, as is the WAN data led.  

I've searched a bit and have not found any example of this issue on the board.  

Earlier I think I may have reverted what was described as a more stable firmware, and this helped for a while, but then the problem reoccured.  I now see my current firmware is 5921EX that appears to be the latest.  The earlier firmware I may have reverted to is 5757ex.  The unit no longer allows me to revert to and load 5757ex.  It gives a checksum error.

Is there a way to revert to the 5757ex or other firmware?  Is anyone familiar with this issue (no dial tone and power led dark, but others green?)