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Is my Obi110 failing?

Started by Zohdug, November 20, 2011, 05:23:44 PM

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I've been using an OBi110 for about 4 months now.  I started with callcentric, and then switched to about 2 months ago. has generally been very good.  I have recently been having issues with very bad call quality, and calls frequently going to voicemail instead of ringing my phone.  When I investigated the issue, I discovered that I was frequently losing packets pinging my OBi from a computer on my LAN.  I rebooted my obi and my router, but this problem persists.  I plan on swapping out cables, and have ordered an OBi100 to swap out.  If this fails I guess i'll look at the router next.  Any suggestion on other trouble shooting ideas are appreciated as I have a limited knowledge of networking and VOIP.



I'd first check the Ethernet cable and/or replace that. Then tackle the router since you're getting dropped packets inside your LAN.


You may also want to try running a voip test at to make sure nothing in your network has degraded.