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Rotary Dialing with High Power ringing with Obi and Google Voice

Started by PDX_Mark, December 15, 2021, 01:20:19 AM

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Of course Most of us know by now how to connect asterisk to an Obi200 or Obi202 connected to Google Voice. Did you know however that an asterisk system is NOT necessary if you only want a single (or two) PSTN line(s) with rotary dialing and high ring power?

What this will do is allow you to use a  Grandstream HT802  which is rotary dial compatible and features high power ringing. This means using an antique phone will work on Google Voice. You still use the Obi200 or Obi202 to connect to GV but we then connect a Grandstream HT802 directly to the Obi200  (or Obi202) , NO ASTERISK required

I will refer you to my post here: