How could I add this Obi200 as a linked device to Google Voice? Thx.

Started by myOby, September 22, 2020, 10:55:01 AM

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This Obi200 device was configured on the Obitalk website to use Google Voice and its status is connected and has a dial tone.
It currently works with echo 222 222 222.
It used to work with Google Voice and I could make and receive calls.
I recently changed the google voice number because I did not use it for a while.
Currently it does not appear in the Google Voice account as a linked device and I could not make or receive any calls.
Maybe the problem is that this Obi200 @Obitalk still has the old number that is different from the current Google Voice number.

Should I just delete this Obi200 setting @ Obitalk and sets it up as a new device?


This worked.

After deleting and adding this Obi200 device, I could make and receive calls, and it showed up under my devices in the Google Voice Account.