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Living in Toronto (Canada), like to have a Polish (SIP)

Started by raczyk, October 25, 2020, 10:36:35 AM

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Hi Folks,

Are there any good SIP providers in Poland. Like to setup the OBi to have a local Polish number in Canada. I have a VPN if that is needed. Would this work?



Yes, there are some good SIP providers in Poland that you can use to set up a Polish local number in Canada. Like VoIPstudio, RingCentral, Netia, Orange Polska. To set up a Polish local number in Canada using SIP, you need to register with a SIP provider in Poland that provides a virtual phone number. You will then need to configure your OBi device to connect to your SIP provider using a VPN connection and set up call routing to forward calls to your Canadian phone number. Depending on the provider you choose, you may need to purchase additional credits or pay a monthly fee for virtual numbers and call forwarding services.


Yes, there are several SIP providers in Poland that offer local numbers in Canada. Some of the providers include AstraQom and 3CX. You can also check out AVOXI for more information on the best Canada SIP trunk providers.



These SIP Trunk providers in Poland have been tested and certified by 3CX. We strongly recommend using a preferred or supported SIP Trunk service provider.



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