New ObiTalk 200 Setup

Started by BrandonHTX, November 03, 2020, 03:44:09 PM

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New ObiTalk user,

The echo test works fine.

When I click to add a device to my ObiTalk account, I dial the **5 ### number and it says "request sent to the server"

Nothing happens, setup page does not continue.



I feel your pain!  It took me 3 days and it FINALLY connected!  I don't think there are any "secrets" or "tricks" - you just have too keep trying.  I finally got connect on my last try of the day.  I stopped into my home office where my router is and gave it one more shot at bed time.  Imagine my surprise when, after about 20+ tries, all of a sudden I had the profile set up screen!!  Amazing!! 

Just keep trying is my only recommendation!!  Good luck!!