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Started by adklettke, December 08, 2020, 04:55:22 PM

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I enjoyed my OBI200 while I had a home, but now I'm travelling and would benefit from and App. Is there anyways to forward calls from my Google Voice number through OBi to an app? My Android Google Voice app is unreliable and doesn't ring incoming calls any longer> I use WhatsApp in Mexico as well I have a Telcel Mex number, but want to maintain my US number (now with GV).


The normal method would be to simply use the Google Voice Android app.  However, Google doesn't support Google Voice calling from Mexico, and Mexico has blocked various VoIP services in the past.  You may be able to use a good VPN, like NordVPN, to circumvent that problem.  Just be aware that Google doesn't sanction nor support it.



as a former 18 year resident of Mexico that started and ran a VoIP business for many years.

Telmex does not block VoIP, nor do I believe they ever did. . This was a myth that appeared long ago.

My recommendation if you have a place to leave the Obi connected to INternet in the USA .

1) get a dynamc Host Name for free at

2) Install asterisk on a raspberry Pi and connect it to the USA location*

3) configure raspberry Pi to dynamic hostname

4) use the guide  at nerd vittles to configure asterisk to make calls by way of Obi

5) Get GS wave or other softphone and register it to your asterisk by way of the dynamic hostname.

* You can use a cloud based installation of asterisk or PBXes to do a similar thing as you would do with asterisk on a raspberry pi, but you will still need a dynamic hostname.

I can help you with this if you like

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