Obi202 Firmware Bug

Started by Daycom, December 14, 2020, 05:38:56 PM

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Not sure where to submit Bug reports, but I found a repeatable bug with the firmware for my Obi202 adapter which I was able to confirm with other Obi202 adapters and it is repeatable. I've also packet captured to verify the issue.
ModelName   OBi202
SoftwareVersion   3.2.2 (Build: 5921EX)

The Problem:

When you enable the settings X_MWISubscribeURI setting in the webGUI for the device under Service Provider -> ITSP Profile A and put a user-id or a user-id@domain; it doesn't correctly send the Subscribe request to the server.

The Current Behavior:

Any value without the @ sign gets ignored and replaced with "[4-9]xx" when sending the subscribe request. If it has an @ sign then the userid part get's replaced with "[4-9]xx" and the domain get's kept correctly and sends the Subscribe request as SUBSCRIBE sip:[4-9]xx@domain

The Expected Behavior:

It should send whatever value set there as a SUBSCRIBE sip:[URI]


That's good info. My ITSP sends un-solicited MWI so not an issue for me. What happens if you check X_MWISubscribe and don't do anything else? You should report the issue to Polycom if that doesn't fix it.