Email notification and dashboard says phone power offline but it works

Started by Heartspeace, January 10, 2021, 04:11:44 AM

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Everything has been fine for years until a day or so ago where all of a sudden I got a email it says obitalk adapter is off-line, but when checking only for "phone1" phone power as the other Google voice settings appear fine on this 202 device.

I've checked other devices and this shortage seem to be the exception with SIP accounts.

SIP of information is correct, and everything is configured correctly, and the phone is placing and receiving calls, but the DASHBOARD AND EMAIL says the device is off-line.

I rely upon the OBIHAI Emails to tell them the status of the device, and if needed correct other problems and this doesn't happen if it constantly says it is off-line.


Just another symptom of the sick server(s) at Obihai.  Fortunately no calls, except those to other OBis by dialling **9 followed by the 9 digit OBi number, go anywhere near facilities operated by or on behalf of Obihai/Poly.