Obihai 1062: X_CheckVoiceMailWithCallKey not doing what I think it should

Started by casm, January 11, 2017, 04:57:04 AM

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Hi folks,

This may fall into the category of my expectations not lining up with what's actually supposed to happen, but from going through the admin guide I'm not quite sure where the issue lies.

Background: small office with three Obihai 1062s and the same set of three different ITSP profiles in use on each handset.  Each ITSP has its own SP.  Calling is working as expected.

The issue: each SP uses a different method of accessing voicemail, and getting people to use speed dials for voicemail access hasn't exactly gone well.

Because of this, I'm trying to get X_CheckVoiceMailWithCallKey working for each of the respective SPs - except that it's not.  If I hold down the relevant line key for each SP, the phone just pops up a window showing the available lines.  X_CheckVoiceMailNumber is defined for each SP and is correct.

Am I misunderstanding how X_CheckVoiceMailWithCallKey should work, or is something in the configuration not quite right?  All three phones are showing the same behaviour.

For reference, the devices in question are all Obihai 1062s, firmware 5.0.0 (Build: 3497.1311).


+1 on this.

OBi2182 - Sure would like X_CheckVoiceMailWithCallKey to work.  I have the box checked, but it doesn't work.  I would like to push and hold the line button to dial the VM box instead of play Super Mario World with the D-PAD to get to the proper VM, or have to instruct my users to dial *97 to get to VM...

X_CheckVoiceMailWithCallKey is set
X_CheckVoiceMailNumber is set to *97 for Asterisk.
I am assuming that the 'CallKey' can be a line button assigned to a SP.

Phone SP is a FreePBX/Asterisk server.

OBi2182 FW: 6.2.3 (Build 5330.1311)

Does anyone have this feature working (and what magic did you do)?  


Working for me on a 1032.  SP3 registered to FreePBX. The SP3 X_CheckVoiceMailNumber set to *97 and X_CheckVoiceMailWithCallKey ticked.  Long press on the SP3 key to the right of the screen.