Unable to call on Broadvoice using SP2

Started by Obitalk, February 17, 2011, 11:44:18 AM

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I have successfully registered and setup google voice on SP1 and I can dial out using **1 and phone number.

I also have registered Broadvoice on SP2 using the following fields:

ITSP AuthUserName : 9099999999
ITSP AuthPassword : password
ITSP URI : 9099999999x11@sip.broadvoice.com (I used x11 after my authusername due to broadvoice multipresence requirements

When I try to dial out using **2 phone number I receive a message stating that the service provides is unreachable

Can someone please help or has anyone come accross this issue ?




Have you tried using OBiTALK to configure your Broadvoice setup? 
Have you tried to set up the Broadvoice on SP1?

Also, if you have SIP ALG on your router - it needs to be disabled.


Hi ObiGuru. Thank you for the response.

>>Have you tried using OBiTALK to configure your Broadvoice setup?

Yes I did try the OBiTALK to configure the device. But the configurations were not saved although the message indicated that it was saved.

>>Have you tried to set up the Broadvoice on SP1?
I also tried setting it up with SP1. Same situation. It registers. But cannot call out.

>> Also, if you have SIP ALG on your router - it needs to be disabled.

My SIP proxy is the router is also disabled.

Any other suggestions ? Is there any way to get the correct fields populated by the Obi Configurator so that I can manually double check my configuration on the Obi Device ?



Here is the latest. The first two times I used the wizard for Broadvoice with the multipresence since I had a primary line assigned to SPA3000. I unplugged the SPA3000 and configured the Obi110 using the configuration wizard with the Broadvoice primary line configs for SP1 and I'm able to make outgoing calls.

Question is I want Google Voice to be on SP1 and Broadvoice to be on SP2. Since the config wizard doesn't support SP2 is there any way to get the specific fields that are changed by the config wizard so that I can manually configure the device for SP2 on Broadvoice.

Thanks in advance.


Since you have Broadvoice working on SP1, you can now login to OBiTALK portal and configure SP2 for GoogleVoice (and check this SP2 as your primary line).   Then this will be almost the same as what you want to do, except when calling out to Broadvoice, press **1 first.


Thank you for the suggestion Obi Guru.

I also went through the OBI configurations for SP1 and I think these are the setting/fields that are filled up by the config wizard for Broadvoice. I'm enclosing this so that if someone else wants to manually configure either SP1 or SP2 for Broadvoice, they can manually do it.

ITSP Profile A --> General
DigitMap : Default unchecked ((1xxxxxxxxxx|<1YYY>[2-9]xxxxxx|011xx.|xx.) (Replace YYY with the your phone number AREA Code)

ITSP Profile A --> SIP
ProxyServer : sip.broadvoice.com (Default unchecked)
ProxyServerPort : 5060 (Defualt unchecked)
OutboundProxy : leave the value blank (Default unchecked)
OutboundProxyPort : 5060 (Default unchecked)

Voice Services --> SP1 Service
X_ServProvProfile : A (Default unchecked)
X_RingProfile : A (Default unchecked)
X_CodecProfile : A (Default unchecked)
X_RegisterEnabe : Selected (Default unchecked)

Voice Services --> SP1 Service --> SIP Credentials
AuthUserName : BV Phone Number
AuthPassword : BV authorization password


If anyone is using Broadvoice multipresense, I was able to successfully configure it using the device configuration wizard on the ObiTalk portal.

I selected the Generic Service Provider and populated the URI field in the following format:


Exmaple : The URI field containes 3307702400x11@sip.broadvoice.com


I might have stated this incorrectly. I don't think the Broadvoice Multipresence is working by using the URI field. Please disregard the previous post. Thanks


I had to perform a SIP debug and it indictaed that there was a CONFLICT. I had to tweak the URI a little and add user=phone and it seems to get registered now.