Generate New Password Problem

Started by James-Hello, April 15, 2021, 11:11:27 AM

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Hello everyone,

I recently forgot my password and went through the process of generating a new one.

On the login page, I clicked on (forgot your password).
The system sends me an email that contains a link to another webpage with a Reset Password button. When I click the button, a message briefly displays "Could not change your password on the system" without sending me a new password. I've tried many times resetting the password with the same result.

I have three OBI devices to manage.  I have since found my old password, but it is no longer accepted.  I searched this Forum but can't find a solution.  What should I do now?


Well, due to the great diligence of the Obitalk-Polycom Support team, we are very pleased to announce our password and account are fully activated again!!!!! 

Just wanted to mention - the Polycom OBI2182 is a fantastic feature rich phone and works GREAT!!!!

Thanks again,   ;D