OBi2182: poor voice quality between remote parties on local conference

Started by Stewart, April 20, 2021, 11:57:32 AM

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Testing a new unit, my first.  I'm curious if anyone else had this issue, and how it was solved.

See and hear details at .

I'm running 6.2.3 (Build: 4983.1311) and registering to a cloud FreePBX.

There are Yealink and Htek phones on the same LAN, which can conference with no issue.


Are you using speakerphone or handset?

The speaker is in lower right and seems to pick up a lot of noise from desk and close items and reflection from the table.

Is everyone connected via ethernet or wifi?

I also have a couple of new 2182's


I have the same problem with the OBi2182 conferencing feature. The voice quality between remote parties is terrible to the point of it being unusable. OBi2182 is connected via ethernet and used with a headset, not its speakerphone. It's definitely not a local QOS issue; OBi is getting ample bandwidth.