Strange secondary sounding ringback on OBIHAI200 + Google Voice

Started by Serge933, April 23, 2021, 11:05:16 PM

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Hey everyone,

I've tried searching this issue and have not found a solution.
I have my Obihai200 setup with google voice and a corded phone. I have an issue with the RingBack sound. The sound heard by the caller when they are making a call. Instead of the usual US sound, it sounds like 2 interlaced US ringback sounds going in and out of phase of each other. It is very odd. It is not another countries ringback as I have never heard one so strange(and I've heard a few). Also if I try changing the tone profile, the ringback will sound great but then intermittently it will start sounding like 2 interlaced ringbacks again. In and out but not consistent as with the default setup.

I have tried this with 2 phones and its the same issue. I do not have another VOIP service to try on. I also gave it a restart but no luck.

Any ideas?
It has such a bad sound to it, quite bothersome if you can believe for such a small thing  ;D

Kind regards,