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GV to OBI200 to new home phone Caller ID issue?

Started by johnfromjax, September 30, 2021, 12:04:58 PM

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I have been using my GV to OBI200 to home phone system for a bunch of years with no issues. I seem to remember it took a while to get everything working.

On my old phone, when a call came in it would show the phone number and the name associated with the phone number from my Directory on the phone.  Then I started having problems where the call would terminate once I picked up a ringing phone. I replaced batteries and things worked for a time but it came back and I said enough.

Just got a new phone, got everything set up and for some reason when a call comes into the new phone it shows the number on the display but cannot match the Directory number so says UNKNOWN NAME on display. I was on the phone with Vtech off and on for a couple of days now and their recommendation was to take my phone somewhere else and try it there to see if the Name would populate from the Directory. Well I just did and it worked fine. I think that means the phone works as advertised.

I started looking back into Poly and discovered that an update had come out while I was on vacation. I downloaded the update and performed the update. It responded that the update was already installed. I guess this happened while I was away on vacation.

Not sure where to look next. Any ideas out there.



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