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Started by Gadz, April 30, 2021, 11:49:34 PM

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You wrote in that blog:

"So not sure what's happening it is related or not to some changes in the OBI system (now Polycom)?!

You appear not to understand that the OBi system (the portal and back-end systems) is only used to configure your device.  With the exception of the Obitalk network (calls made by dialling **9 followed by a 9 digit OBi number) no call set-up nor voice data in or out and no maintenance of registration/connection to a Service Provider uses any infrastructure operated by or on behalf of Obihai/Poly.  All that is handled by direct communication between your device and the Service Provider.  The dashboard merely visualises the information that your OBi reports to it.

Your problems with consumer GV have three possible causes.

1.  Google's infrastructure.

2.  The network between your OBi and Google's infrastructure.

3.  Your OBi.  That is unlikely to be at fault given that you are not experiencing problems with other Service Providers.

As for Workspace GV on OBi200, 202 and 1022, it is not supported. Period.


You have a grandfathered-in consumer Google Voice phone number on an old G Suite account.  Those numbers work on consumer OBi devices because...they are consumer Google Voice numbers.

Google no longer permits adding or transferring those numbers and they are being phased out.  All current Workspace customers must use the paid, business version of Google Voice.  That version will absolutely not work on a consumer OBi device, because the business version has a different authentication and device management system.

Whether or not yours continues to work is irrelevant to using consumer Google Voice on a consumer Gmail account.


OK. so GV on google workspace is not supported on those devices but the consumer GV it is and the issues still stand with those too. doesn't seem to be any difference between workspace or consumer CV on my end. both types of accounts are acting in the same way.

My voice accounts are very old true, my first one was opened with the invitation based, and the g suite GV accounts were added the first time were available for it.... and since then never have an issue till now (supported or not they just worked).

I guess is time to move on.