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Skype, MiOS / MiCasaVerde, Multiple Obis, Intercom, TV integration

Started by rogerv, October 30, 2011, 05:13:54 PM

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I'm impressed with how easy the 110 was to connect to google voice - great work!

1. Skype... seems common but I'd love to integrate - serbian wife can get calls with no hassle, etc. I see here it can apparently be done, but it's more complex than it should be and more complex than Google Voice.

2. Multiple Obi's - this might work now? If someone knows it works and is easy (won't interfere with each other), please confirm - good for the kid having his own line.

3. Any home automation fans also Obi users? I'd love to tie Obi into MiCasaVerde 's Vera3 (MiOS app? Surely someone's up for writing this..? I don't know how) so incoming calls could then trigger pausing a movie, bringing up home theater lights etc. (all that's triggered on the Vera side of course, Obi just has to pass the signal..).

4. Video - obviously things are moving toward video, with facetime and skype - I realize a video model would be a bit more money, but I'd pay it to see skype and google chat on TV - perhaps the forthcoming Apple TV can buy Obi with the millions in cash they have around... anyway, I'd love for called ID to be overlaid on TV and video chat via the TVs in the home.

5. Since I'm wishing, intercom would be great.

keep up the great work


1-There's a dedicated hardware PSTN to SKYPE gateway out there. Also someone mentioned a site in Russia one can forward SIP calls to reach a SKYPE user.

2-Is easy.

4- is a good place to check on something like that.


Regarding point number 4, if you can get Growl running on your Apple TV device (I don't know if you've hacked it to run XBMC or something like that) then you can get the incoming call notifications shown on your TV and other computers running Growl.

I've written some Windows software that will display the incoming call notifications locally and/or send Growl notifications.

For more information on Growl, see or

With the software I've written, the installation of Growl is optional if you're running Windows PCs. If you're on a Mac, installing and configuring Growl to subscribe to the incoming call notifications would probably be a good idea.

The software is in beta form right now, but if you've got a home server that runs Windows you're more than welcome to give it a try. Shoot me a PM and let me know.