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cant call 811 (call before you dig) and once attempted no other number will work

Started by oldunixguy, October 27, 2022, 03:29:01 PM

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Have Obi200 with latest firmware and configed from the Obi Portal with standard settings for google voice.
I can reboot the Obi200 and then I can call say, 800-762-0592, the cable locator folks USIC, and that works. See the attached image for the call at 10:36:17. Next, call 811. This entry is shown at 15:24:36. What I hear is silence for a long time and then the error tone. I can see in the Obi200 call status is "603 decline". Once this happens I can no longer make ANY calls! See the attempt to call USIC 800-762-0592 (which was successful prior tot he 811 attempt) at 15:26:29. All I get is an error tone. You can see that I repeated it and got the same at 15:26:53. I can NOT make ANY calls until I reboot the Obi200!
ALL of this is 100% repeatable!
1) how do I get it so I can call 811? (they do NOT have a "regular" phone number so this is the only way).
2) how do we get the Obi200 to work with "normal" phone numbers after dialing 811?



I believe Google Voice does not support 811.  It does not support 911 which has similar "geographical" complications.  There are explicit warnings about that when you configure Google Voice on an OBi.

Whether the subsequent failure to reach ordinary numbers is due to Google Voice or Obihai, I don't know and won't speculate.