Connect Failed; 403 Forbidden; Token Error

Started by rremitsch, June 11, 2021, 02:33:16 PM

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I have used an obi200 for at least 3 years and an OBIHAI 202 for much longer and think they are great products coupled with Google Voice and Anveo e911 service.

Both of my devices started having intermittent issues with google voice services.
Inbound calls do not ring on either obi (separate accounts) while cell phones using gvoice work fine.

When the obihais fail, both report Connect Failed; 403 Forbidden; Token Error for SPX (GVoice).
Internet is stable in my home and all services are fine.
Anveo e911 SIP on the obihai is rock solid during this time as well.

I called Obihai support and was told they believe it's a Google Voice issue with my account.
Google confirmed it's not a google account issue after a call with them as everything but the obihai's work flawlessly (web calls and cell google voice calls both inbound and out)

I paperclip reset the obihai, reprovisioned, removed and replaced the obihai with a new spare, called both Obihai and Google.

Anybody else with the same issues?


I really need to get this fixed or find a new service.



Check out the token error thread.  No answers yet.


Thanks. This started happening for me about 2 days ago. Service is hit and miss and unreliable.

Something that may be related to the obitalk portal...

When reprovisioning google voice on the obitalk portal, the additional terms of service window gets an error and is blank...stating an error reaching

GVoice reprovisioning is extremely slow with the OBI.



I'm having the same problem.  Was able to receive a call with my OBi200/GV Wednesday afternoon, then half hour later it wouldn't receive.  When I tried to call out today, I get the Token error, and see it on the dashboard too.  GV still working with my Android phone.


Sheesh.  Read the other new posts on this forum before starting yet another discussion.